The Box of Daughter

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The Box of Daughter

"Compelling...gripping...a triumph of the human spirit."
Nashua Telegraph

The Box of Daughter

Recovering from Complex PTSD is not an easy process, but the rewards of raising self-esteem and living more authentically provide our souls with more freedom, more joy, and a greater capacity for love.

Winner of both the 2012 New England Book Festival and Reader's Favorite Book Awards, The Box of Daughter is a story of hope—a memoir describing the author's journey to heal from Complex PTSD and reclaim her authentic self after growing up in an emotionally abusive family.

In her twenties and thirties, the author pursued a professional acting career, appearing Off-Broadway, in independent films, and on the daytime drama Guiding Light. Entering therapy in her thirties in response to a divorce, she began to unravel the threads of dysfunction in her family of origin.

More than a decade later, armed with the truth about her family, she sought to reconcile her parents' many years of service in the church and community with their abusive behavior, and recover from the trauma while simultaneously acting as the family caregiver for her parents in the last seven years of their lives.

Freed from the abuse by the deaths of her parents in 2005 and 2008, the author began to recover from Complex PTSD, stepping foot on an inspiring journey to wholeness—developing self-esteem, uncovering her true self, and finally creating a life that is truly her own.

The Box of Daughter offers a message of hope that everyone can triumph over emotional pain, let go of the past, and learn to live authentically.

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If you had a difficult childhood, a dysfunctional family of origin, or any other situation that's made you feel as if you're living in a box, reading The Box of Daughter will validate your experience and help you on your journey of healing. Recovery from the past is absolutely possible.

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The Box of Daughter

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