The Box of Daughter

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Reviews of The Box of Daughter

The Box of Daughter: Healing the Authentic Self Eternally grateful for finding this book:
"I wish I could give this book an extra 20 stars. I felt a connection with the author's words on every page. This book has pushed my recovering psyche forward by leaps and bounds. I recommend this book for anyone who had a difficult relationship with their parents, particularly if narcissism played a role in either parent."
a reader on

"This book stirred up a lot of “aha” moments—oh look, that’s my mom...oh look, that’s my whole family!!! Well-written, intriguing, and so very enlightening. Thoroughly enjoyed this book, and if I could give it more than “5 stars” I certainly would!!"
—LibraryThing reader

"Mayfield’s memoir is a testament to the merit of psychological healing through the understanding and expression of feelings....Full of stark realities of abuse but also the hopefulness of healing, Mayfield’s memoir provides helpful insight to those facing similar struggles."
Kirkus Reviews

"Fresh, bold, and inspiring."

"Katherine Mayfield holds nothing back, and her unflinching, thorough, and articulate honesty is a true gift for anyone wanting to understand, face, and rise above the emotional scars of a damaging childhood."
—Amy Wood, Psy.D., author of Life Your Way

"A hopeful story of a woman unraveled by abuse but found again in self-love and recovery."
—Dr. Karyl McBride, author of Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

"I thoroughly enjoyed every page of The Box of Daughter. I felt like a fly on the wall watching her life unfold. She is a beautiful and kind soul and a gifted storyteller. This book changes you. You'll walk away more compassionate and inspired to live your best life."
—Ellen Padnos,

“Katherine Mayfield's book is an insightful, honest, and riveting account of her childhood emotional abuse and her journey to wholeness as an adult. It demonstrates how harsh words and lack of compassion can traumatize a child just as deeply as physical or sexual abuse. Highly recommended.”
—Aletha Solter, Ph.D.
Founder of the Aware Parenting Institute
and author of Tears and Tantrums

"By sharing her own story of enduring and recovering from the pain of toxic parenting, the author delivers the important message that child abuse is never the fault of the victim and, more importantly, that true transcendence is possible."
—Amy Wood, Psy.D., author of Life Your Way

“The Box of Daughter [is] extremely relevant and helpful in terms of understanding the insanity of growing up when you are not allowed to have or express your own feelings. This is an excellent book to give to a friend struggling with family entanglement issues. It took courage and a lot of personal pain to write this book, but I have no doubt it will help many, many people.”
—TCM Reviews

“This is a very compelling and honest account of the author’s growing self-awareness and ascent from a lifetime of abuse. Though the she was not physically abused, this is no different than a black eye, a cut, or a burn. In many cases it can be worse, since there is no outward evidence. For those struggling with trauma, Katherine’s story offers a brave voice, trumpeting her successes and heralding an emergence from the shadows. It’s always reassuring to know you’re not alone, help is near, and it’s not all in your head.”
—Toadstool Bookshop, Milford, NH

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